We are excited present a non-profit association to bring yoga to those who for one reason or another don’t have the resources to bring themselves to the yoga.  Along with a generous group of Ashtanga Yoga Paris teachers and practitioners we aim to set up yoga programs in youth homes, women’s shelters, psychiatric hospitals, low-income family centers and wherever else we find co-operation in developing a yoga program.

We’ve named the association Connection Karma…yoga pour tous.  The name has a deep significance because it expresses the understanding that we are all equal and it is our human oneness that requires us to care for one another rather than ‘the more fortunate helping the less fortunate’.   We are only people full of human strengths and weaknesses like any other who feel happy to have found yoga to give us strategies to understand ourselves and live with some amount of peace in this world and we feel that it is our duty to share our findings with others.

Karma has two meanings: ‘selfless service’ and ‘the cause and effects of our actions or inactions’.  Therefore, we recognize in the name of this association that giving to others without selfish gain is our goal as well as the fact that doing positive actions brings positive reactions.  The significance of the Hearts in the logo is that in our hearts we are all one!  We may look different, act different, be less or more financially stable, have different skills and gifts but at our core we are ALL the SAME.  And the meaning of Connection is to bring people together and recognize the fact that we cannot be truly happy if we cannot perceive the oneness of us all.

We are humbly asking for help in this mission.  According to each person’s abilities we ask for financial donations, yoga mats or props and sponsors which will be presented on the new website.  At this time we need to express our sincere gratitude to Stina Daag for designing the beautiful logo and Mayra Paille for creating the website.


Thank you for supporting us!

Also, special thanks to: