Gentle yoga  

A gentle practice, ideal for people of all ages and physical conditions who wish to learn yoga or reconnect with their body. Combining stretching and strengthening poses, a large place is given to breathing and relaxation, especially at the end of the class.

Vinyasa yoga – 1

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga practice that coordinates breath and movement in a rhythmic and flowing sequence. In this “Beginner” course, the poses are approached in a more accessible way and at a slower pace than the level 2 class in order to allow a wider audience to participate. We explore the Primary Series by working the basics with precision: sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses and ending sequence. The class is open to beginners and the necessary variations are offered so that everyone can approach the practice while respecting their limitations and enhancing their abilities.

Vinyasa yoga – 2

In this class, sun salutations and standing poses are guided at a fairly quick pace. This means that students should already be familiar with this part of the sequence, the idea being to introduce seated poses in a way that is safe for the back and hamstrings. The poses will be taught in the traditional order up to one of the variations of Janu Sirsasana (A, B or C). The class will end with a back bend pose and the finishing seated sequence before relaxation laying down. Modifications will be given in order to respect the needs of each and every body.