About Connection Karma


What is it?

We have benefited immensely from yoga. We practice most days and it gives us balance and joy. We are fortunate enough to call yoga our job.

The creation of an association to bring yoga to people who don’t usually have access seems like a natural next step. Yoga is about sending out the benefits of our practice, not just holding on to them.

The creation of Connection Karma will bring us closer to that dream in a very concrete way, while bringing another aspect in the form of karma yoga into our lives. This association will try to serve others in a selfless, non-judging way, offering our small knowledge and kindness through yoga.

For whom?

Paris has a large population and multiple organizations assisting people in precarious situations. Connection Karma would like to bring yoga to people who don’t usually have access either for financial or social reasons. In a first step the focus will be on women and youth, and then depending on who is volunteering we could explore other populations. We are researching associations, “foyers”, “maisons de quartier” and we are always open to suggestions. We would like to work with open-minded and dynamic organizations with a sense of community and a strong investment.


Yoga has many benefits. It has a physical impact as well as a mental one. The practice of yoga is a moment in time that you take for yourself.

Yoga teaches to control the breath and therefore reduces anxiety. It releases stress and helps relaxation of the mind and body. Through movement yoga reacquaints people with their body and helps regain ownership and increase self-acceptance. Yoga is also known to reduce depression and anxiety. It is good exercise, improves flexibility and muscle strength and overall health. Enhanced awareness helps to know one self better and to identify needs more efficiently.

Yoga also teaches values. Non-harming others as well as one self, sincerity and principle of telling the truth are just a few aspects. In a very subtle way we learn how to learn to communicate and change the patterns from a destructive one to a more productive one. We learn to face the challenges and reduce violence.

Yoga is about balance. And even though we lose it over and over again, it teaches you how to get back to that balance faster.

People in precarious situations can benefit hugely from this. Even if it is just taking an hour out of the week to forget about outside problems and clear the mind of everything else. Taking a moment, a breath and learn to address life in a more calm and focused way.

With this association we would like to give access to people who don’t usually have the opportunity. Help them in a modest way to bring yoga into their life. Give them a tool to deal with problems and be better equipped to deal with life. Help bring some relaxation even in the midst of a stress stricken environment and maybe be happier and more peaceful.