Ashtanga yoga  

Ashtanga is a dynamic yoga practice that coordinates breathing and movement in a rhythmic and fluid sequence. We explore the Primary series by working on the basics with precision: sun salutations, standing poses, sitting poses and the ending sequence. The class is open to beginners and the necessary variations are given so that everyone can approach the practice while honoring one’s own limitations and capabilities.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa is a rather dynamic yoga practice, although Monday’s Vinyasa class is a Soft Vinyasa class. The teacher creates a fluid sequence of poses, sometimes practiced with music, which varies from one session to the next and can be focused on a certain type of poses or a part of the body more specifically. The Soft Vinyasa class on Monday evenings in Belleville also offers relaxing poses to release tension in the body and improve flexibility (especially in the back and joints).

Gentle yoga

This is a relatively gentle practice, based on the poses of the Ashtanga series, but in which the poses are approached in a more accessible way and at a slower pace than the Ashtanga courses, in order to allow a wider audience to participate. It’s an ideal class for people of all ages and physical conditions who want to begin yoga or reconnect with their body. Combining poses for stretching, relaxing and strengthening the body, a large place is given to breathing and relaxation especially towards the end of the class.