Sylvie, Yoga Teacher

It is in Toulouse, in 2002 that I discover the Yoga Ashtanga. This, in the basement of a perfumery in which lessons were regularly given! I still keep the vivid memory of a first course marked by the sound of ujjayi breathing, which I discovered and which was then curious and «inaccessible».

For many years, the practice of ashtanga yoga has supplemented, more or less regularly, another more assiduous practice: running.

2020 was the year of a double personal challenge, both physical and spiritual:

  • Cross the line of a first (and only) marathon and
  • Meditate 10 days in silence and as part of a Vipassana retreat.

Participating in Teacher Training 2020 with Linda & Gérald was a wonderful (trans)training of these two objectives into a powerful and connecting learning, for a practice today anchored in daily life.

Honored to give and humbly share and transmit the teachings and many benefits that practice brings every day, every moment, every breath to the Ashtangi-ni.