Marine, Yoga Teacher

I was living in Jakarta when I took my first yoga class. I was very surprised by this practice: we all had different bodies, different levels of practice, different lives, but there was a great unity in the class. This astonishment brought out something in me that I didn’t yet know.
Several years later, the regular practice of yoga really helps me to balance a busy professional life.

And then one day I had the opportunity to train in Yoga Nidra and everything happened very quickly. I also trained in Hormone Yoga, and I did my 200h Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa with Linda Munro and Gerald Disse, a wonderful foundation for learning and teaching.

A calmed mind, an ability to stop reacting to events, to really feel my body, to connect to the breath, for me there is only the practice of Yoga that allows such benefits. And this is why I want to teach yoga to as many people as possible. So that many of us can benefit from its virtues.