Since a very young age, my life seems to be directly linked to physical movement. I discovered yoga at the age of twelve while already training in classical and contemporary dance. This first encounter with the practice consisted in sun salutations only, but demanded a good amount of discipline and patience. If at first I did not perceive the benefits of this rigorous routine, it would not be long before I did. Some years later, I joined a dance company that offered evening Vinyasa yoga classes. It being my first experience outside family life, I was not aware of how damaging stress could be. These evening practices allowed me to feel once again the joy in movement, and the support of a community. I found a harmony that reunited not only the body and mind, but also sensations and thoughts. Upon my return to France, I decided to continue my study of the arts by exploring its many other areas. Now, as a student, I find that yoga has taught me to take a step back to try to look at all things objectively. To deepen my knowledge of the practice, and be able to share its benefits, I studied and completed my teacher training in 2016. As a true moving meditation (as much on the mat as in life) yoga brings us not only closer to our own essence, but to that of others. This humanity is what I strive for in my own practice, and what I hope to pass on as a teacher.

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